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My 21 Day Fix Tools


I love tools and printables that help me stick to my goals, and I’ve got a bunch for the 21 Day Fix. They make everything easier if you’re like me and like planning things out. I’m all about apps and doing things on my phone, but for some things I’m still such a pen to paper lady. The visual is sooo helpful!  I figured I’d share instead of keeping it all to myself.


Container Planning Sheets

Click on the link for your calorie range.  I’ve printed and laminated mine so I can write on it each day using either a washable overhead pen or a dry erase marker.  Others find it works great to print it off and slip it into a page protector to write on over and over again.

Container Planning Sheet (1200-1499 range)

Container Planning Sheet (1500 to 1799 range)

Container Planning Sheet (1800 to 2099 range)

Container Planning Sheet (2100 to 2300 calorie range))


example of what you’re getting:


Want some sample meal plan ideas? I’ve created a week’s worth for moms who are breastfeeding, but you can modify them to suit your needs and/or get an idea of foods to eat. Check them out here.