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7 Day Meal Plan

Have I mentioned I love using and making meal plans?

This is one that I personally go back to any time I feel like I need a nutritional reset. You’ll be loading up on nutrient dense whole foods that will keep you feeling full with lots of energy, while getting results!  Try it for 7 days.

Want to make it easier on yourself? Choose 2-3 of these plans and repeat them as you go. Make bigger batches and portion them out for the week.

Not a fan of some of the items? Feel free to swap them out for something similar. If  you  hate mushrooms, make your omelette with diced bell pepper and onion, or tomato and basil.  Don’t have any Shakeology? Use your favourite protein powder for now.

Enjoy my 7 day Meal Plan!  Just click each image and save to your computer or mobile.

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