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Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

This homemade pumpkin spice latte is made with good for you ingredients, filled with warm, cozy pumpkin pie spice, actual pumpkin, and warms you from the inside out.

I’d been drinking these iced, made with cold brew, but today was CHILLY! We doubled up on soccer in the pouring rain, and definitely weren’t dressed for the weather. This homemade pumpkin spiced latte is so warm and comforting with spices that make you feel all kinds of cozy. It’s perfect for these chilly fall mornings.

Why homemade?

If you can just go to your local coffee shop, why make this yummy drink at home?

  • It’s less expensive: Seriously.. if you’re paying $4-6 a pop, these add up quickly. At home, you can make it for $1 or less.
  • Less sugar: I’ve used one teaspoon of maple syrup to sweeten, but you could easily use a completely sugar-free option such as stevia. Buying yours? You’re looking at loads moree sugar!
  • It’s much healthier: Real food ingredients! There’s actual pumpkin in there, and the whole sugar thing.. plus you can adapt it with a milk choice that works for your eating style and isn’t full of additives and even more sugar.
  • It’s flexible: You choose the type and amount of sweetener as well as the type of milk. You can even use decaf coffee/espresso.

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte Ingredients

This pumpkin spice latte uses a few simple ingredients that you probably already have. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Coffee – this recipe uses strong coffee (5oz) or 5oz cold brew concentrate (regular or decaf).
  • Milk – you’ll need 3oz of unsweetened oat milk or whole milk
  • Pumpkin Puree – you’ll use 1 tablespoon of pure pumpkin puree – either homemade or from a can (only ingredient is pumpkin) and…
  • Maple Syrup – … 1-3 teaspoons maple syrup, depending on how sweet you like it, or use your sweetener of choice. I used 1 teaspoon maple syrup plus 2 drops liquid stevia, and it was perfect.
  • pumpkin pie spice – just 1/4 teaspoon, and it makes all the difference. YUM.

How to make a homemade pumpkin spice latte

This drink is super easy and incredibly tasty! Here’s how you’ll make it:

  1. Brew the coffee – Brew your strong coffee – regular or decaf, or pour cold brew into a small saucepan.
  2. Heat the milk – you can either do this by heating in a small saucepan over medium heat until hot but not boiling, warm in the microwave, or use a milk frother/heater like this one.
  3. Blend – add hot coffee, milk, pumpkin puree, maple syrup and pumpkin pie spice to a blender and blend for 30 seconds, until smooth.
  4. Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!

Ingredient variations and substitutions

This recipe is warm, rich and frothy as written, but feel free to play with it a bit. Here are some variations that would work well:

  • Milk: I used unsweetened vanilla oat milk. Whole milk (dairy) will also work, or you can try your favorite nut milk, however I didn’t much like the final taste with almond milk.
  • Coffee substitution: The best I’ve found is Dandy Blend. It has a deep roasted flavor similar to coffee. You would want to use about a tablespoon of the powder in 2.5oz water.
  • Omit the pumpkin: Some places are having a pumpkin shortage. If you can’t find any and can’t make your own (seriously though, it’s so easy!), then feel free to leave it out. Your latte just won’t be quite as creamy.
  • Different sweetener: I love a little bit of maple syrup and a little bit of stevia. You can also use honey, monkfruit, coconut sugar, or regular sugar.

Clean Cheats Iced Latte


Summer is in full swing here, with record breaking heat. The kids are done school, with a good 2+ months off, and I’m finding ways to sneak some relaxation into busy days full of taking care of the family, changing diapers, constant breastfeeding, and cooking.

There’s been lots of dips in the pool, and THIS! This iced latte is amazeballs. It makes my mornings (or afternoons, let’s be honest) sparkle! And there’s like 15 calories in the whole thing! Clean cheats for the win!

What’s a clean cheat? Something that tastes so good that you feel like it must be unhealthy, when in reality it’s not messing with your nutrition goals at all.

Alright, go make this iced latte and take a 10 minute break. You earned it!

Clean Cheats Iced Latte

1 cup ice
2-3 drops stevia – try a vanilla or caramel one for fun
3/4 cup extra strong cold coffee
3/4 cup unsweetened cashew milk
A dash of cinnamon

Fill cup with ice, add stevia drops followed by coffee and cashew milk. Stir then top with cinnamon.

*The stevia I used is Toffee Caramel, like this one, but I’ve heard great things about this sweet leaf version.


Calorie-free ways to make your water taste better


Water is so so important, as I know you’ve heard over and over again. Not only is it important to help you maintain optimal health, lubricate your joints, promote proper digestion.. but it also really helps with weight maintenance or losing weight, staving off headaches, avoiding cravings, and helping with mood. Wow, right?!

I know that when I haven’t been drinking enough water, the first thing I want is sugar. ANYTHING SWEET, and NOW! Use that as a sign and gulp down 4-8oz of water, wait 5-10 minutes, then grab a healthy snack if you’re still feeling hungry.

I know the old saying that everyone should drink 8 glasses of water per day, but that varies so much depending on your weight, activity level, and even the weather. A good goal to aim for is half your body weight, in ounces. So if you weigh 150 lbs, then you’d want to drink at least 75oz of water per day. Add in MORE if it’s a really hot day or if you’ve done a super sweaty workout.

Getting bored of the same old glass of water? Add some flavour!

Calorie-free ways to fancy up your glass

  • a wedge of lemon or lime
  • a slice of orange
  • a slice of cucumber
  • a sprig of mint
  • some berries
  • frozen grapes
  • cubes of watermelon
  • a bit of freshly grated ginger
  • use sparkling water

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Guilt-free Gingerbread Latte


With a Tall Starbucks Gingerbread Latte coming in at 260 calories (and you’re not just having a Tall, right?), these festive Feels-Like-Christmas drinks help us pack on the pounds. It’s no wonder, considering what’s in all that flavour syrup.

I’ve experimented and found a lightened up version with no artificial-anything in it. YUM!  At only 75 calories, you can definitely fit this one in.

Guilt-free Gingerbread Latte

1-2 shots espresso (to taste) or strong coffee
2 teaspoons maple syrup (or to taste)
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
1 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Stir together espresso, maple syrup, and spices in a mug
Heat and froth the almond milk until hot and pour over spicy espresso mixture. Enjoy!

pumpkin-less healthy pumpkin spice latte


Am I crazy? maybe maybe.  Today was one of those days where I just wanted to cozy up on the couch with a warm mug of pumpkin spice latte and not move a bit.  Tragedy – no pumpkin puree in the house!  Not a problem though, because this recipe is pretty dang good, and I don’t even miss the pumpkin.  Bonus: no having to open a full can or make your own when you’re just going to use a tiny bit anyhow.

pumpkin-less pumpkin spice latte

A cake and greens original
Makes about 12oz

1-2 shots of espresso, or 1/3 cup very strong coffee
1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
1-2 teaspoons maple syrup or a few drops stevia, to taste (I use maple syrup)
3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
a dash of cinnamon

Pour your espresso or coffee into your mug and stir in spice and sweetener.  Steam or heat and froth your almond milk, and pour into your mug.  Top with a dash of cinnamon.


healthy pumpkin spice latte


The leaves are changing and it’s getting to be fall. OK, so maybe the leaves here are just falling off because we had such a hot dry summer.. but still, I’ve been itching to wear boots, jeans, and scarves, and sipping on a yummy pumpkin spice latte, and I know they’re at Starbucks now.. but I really don’t want whatever yuckiness they put in theirs, especially not when it’s super easy to whip up at home. You can even skip the pumpkin puree in my recipe and it’ll still taste great. All unprocessed, all-natural ingredients, if you’re fine with coffee.

It’s sweet, decadent, and tastes like fall in a warm mug.

healthy pumpkin spice latte

Recipe adapted from beachbody
serves 1, easily doubled or more

3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 tablespoon pumpkin puree
1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
2 teaspoons maple syrup, or 2 –3 drops liquid stevia (I used syrup)
1 – 2 shots espresso or 1/2 cup strong brewed coffee
dash of nutmeg or cinnamon to taste (optional)

In a mug or saucepan, stir together the almond milk, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, and maple syrup, then heat in the microwave or on the stove until quite hot but not boiling.

Remove from heat and froth or whisk well.

Pour espresso or coffee into a mug, then pour milk mixture on top.

Sprinkle with a dash of nutmeg or cinnamon.